Saturday, 25 July 2015

Gearing Up For Glorious Goodwood

The Qatar Goodwood Festival - where fashion, high society and world class horseracing come together for five enthralling days.
28th July – 1st August

Glorious Goodwood is almost upon us! If you didn’t make it to the Coronation Cup Polo today, Goodwood provides another chance to delve into the world of sumptuous summer dressing. The main principle is the same as for Polo (neutral base with vivid accessories – see previous post), but with the tricky addition of a hat.

A full hat looks elegant from all angles, unlike a fascinator.

I say tricky because this is where many women fall down. You can start looking at a woman’s classically clad LK Bennett feet, slowly work your way up to her chic two piece suit, mentally nodding with approval as you go (aren’t they lovely pearls?), and then you lift your eyes to her head. And then you stop. Why does she have a nest on her head? Why is it a completely different colour to the rest of her outfit? Why is it on a headband? Does she know a headband isn’t a hat?

Jerry Hall and Marie Helvin, Royal Ascot 1982
Dame Helen Mirren at Ladies' Day, Royal Ascot 2008

Fascinators have their place in the world, but that is not at Goodwood. Their commonplace nature is not a reflection of their stylishness and any woman worth her fashion salt will stay far away from these hare-brained creations.

Black and white is perfect for a seamless look at the races.
A real hat adds an air of coquettishness, it whispers ‘come hither, see what is below my brim!’. In an age where everything is on display, a full hat not only completes an outfit, but from a distance it makes you a mystery. If you are going to Goodwood to find a husband (feminism has not eradicated the intents of high society Mothers), a true hat holds greater providence for your heart.

Hat Guidelines for Goodwood Glory
  •    Should be a hat, not a fascinator.
  •    Not too wide or too tall so as to obstruct another person’s view of the racing.
  •    Should be related colour-wise to the rest of your outfit. A hat shouldn’t be a lone pop of colour, it should bring an outfit together.
  •    Straw hats may be worn to Goodwood (acceptable at all society events after Easter until the end of summer).
  •    Be securely fastened. A flyaway hat is sure to land you in the Daily Mail’s coverage - something to be avoided at all costs.
  •    Try the hat with various hairstyles in order to find the most flattering arrangement for you.


 Have a glorious day at Goodwood!


  1. I love all of those hats!!

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  3. Hats are so fabulous but I rarely include them in my looks, don't know why!

    What a great, refreshing post!


    1. I'm the same! Definitely going to make an effort to!

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