Monday, 13 July 2015

Serena: Smashing to Victory in Style

Serena Williams has sailed yet again to Wimbledon glory, but it wasn’t only her spectacular sporting prowess which was on show. The spectators of Centre Court are renowned for their seamless and sophisticated style, but at the Champions’ Dinner on Sunday 12th July, Serena outmatched them all.

Substantiating JK Rowling’s recent defence of Serena’s body shape, the Ladies’ Singles Champion looked elegant and statuesque in a peach full-length, jewel-topped dress whilst still displaying her match-winning muscles. A merging of strength and style, Serena is a suffrage success. Having the body of an athlete (or any body shape not deemed to be ‘womanly’) does not mean that you cannot embrace fashion, and the same strong mentality which enables her to win tournaments has empowered Serena to volley away the narrow-minded cyber bullies of the world.

Stepping out in bold colours, skyscraper heels, and exquisite evening gowns has amassed Serena recognition. Her comment in 2014 after a rainy day at Wimbledon served to highlight her love of fashion: ‘I just love coats. I'm always buying Burberry coats. I don't know why, because I live in Florida’. It was a little reassuring to know that even a tennis superstar makes irrational shopping purchases.

Over the years Serena has made intrepid fashions choices (not without some expected mistakes) and at high-profile events such as Vanity Fair parties and tennis photocalls, she has wowed in some awe-inspiring outfits.

American Vogue has twice been graced by Serena on its cover: first in June 2012 along with athletes Ryan Lochte and Hope Solo, and again in April of this year as a solo cover. Vogue recognised Serena as a woman, with a front-on photograph, wild hair, and fierce beauty that cannot be denied.


 This cover showed a woman that plays tennis, not a tennis player who plays at being a woman.