Sunday, 16 August 2015

Fashion Inspired Decor

Yesterday afternoon during my leisurely Sunday wanderings, I popped into a local interior design shop. Unable to resist and with a new home on the horizon, I treated myself (code for 'splashed out when probably shouldn't have done') to this unusual but strikingly stylish wall clock in the shape of a fob watch. 

As a result, I have now become fanatical about having fashion inspired accents dotted around my impending abode. Adding a mixture of quirkiness and personality, they are an essential addition for any style lover's home. Here are my favourite fashion furnishings: 

1. Fob Wall Clock £35 - M&S (highstreet version of the one I bought but practically the same!)

2. Crown 40 Years of Fashion Wallpaper £10/roll - I Love Wallpaper

3. Lampe Berger 'Athena' Perfume Shaped Lamp £53.50 - David Shuttle

Lampe Berger - The Twilights - 'ATHENA' Flame Glass Lamp, Black
4. Framed Vogue 1950 Blumenfeld Cover £77 - Redbubble


5. Rent or Chanel? Cushion Cover £16 - Etsy

Rent or Chanel? Pillow Cover. Fashionista, present, housewarming gift, cushion cover, , Free US Shipping

6. Coffee Table Fashion Books - Waterstones (click on images for link)

Vogue: The Covers (Hardback)Twenty-Five Dresses: William Vintage (Hardback)

"Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life"
 Bill Cunningham


  1. Love the decor!! :) great picks!!

  2. I like the rent or chanel pillow, so cute! Great post on fashion decor!

  3. Great choices, I want them all!


  4. A Nice Collection of Vintage Elements : Time & Fashion & Dreams in Your Post My Dear Friend , Congratulations ; ByeBye & Lots of Fun !!!

  5. I love love love your style of writing! Keep it up!