Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Art of Autumnal Dressing

As autumn looms and the days grow colder, it is time to explore how you will update your wardrobe. Upon the arrival of a new season, I advocate not only making additions to your wardrobe, but also having a clear out. Like a gust of autumnal wind, a wardrobe detox blows away the dust and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for action.

If you’re not careful, autumn can lead your wardrobe onto a path of drudgery and delusion. One misstep in this sartorial season and an awful autumn is followed by a woeful winter. If you begin autumn thinking that you can get away with a baggy brown jumper and a tatty scarf, by winter you'll look like the personification of frumpiness and complacency. 

The biggest autumnal mistake is the misuse of colour. Although you cannot get away with pastel coloured candy stripes, an autumn wardrobe should not be limited to grey, brown and navy. Instead, peruse the purples, yearn for yellows, and rise above the melee in metallics. Here's some inspiration to get you started!

Collared Dress - £15, Lace Dress - £347, Skirt - £36, Checked Shirt - £30, Cushion - £240

Sienna Coat - £189, Scarf - £23, Shoes - £30, Trousers - £30, Blouse - £33


  1. You are right! Been cleaning out my closet and I feel awesome. Now to refill it!

  2. totally agree with you when not using the typical autumn and winter colour palettes! Love the bronze, maroons and metallics!

    Hope you'll check out my page and let me know your thoughts xx


  3. Metallics are wonderful for fall and are one of my favorites! Love your take on autumn colors. Thanks for visiting my page recently and leaving a comment. I'll be following you on Instagram, G+ and FB from now on. Hope you will follow me there as well! :))


  4. I love your suggestions about color and the cute pictures you picked! I nominated you for a Liebster Award :).
    <3 Frances

  5. Can't wait to see your new blog design! Good luck moving

  6. I love all these ideas! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, for more information check out my latest blogpost at
    Simply Michelle xo.

  7. I love the blog! Have a nice weekend:)

  8. This outfit is such a lovely combination. Love this set! Simple and modern, and at the same time so chic!

    Diana Cloudlet